Best Affordable Laptops for Nursing Students

Best Affordable Laptops for Nursing Students

With the advancements that are being made in every walk of life, laptops have become essential for everyone. For students, the laptop is an essential thing, and in the field of Nursing, it is an essential part.Best Affordable Laptops for Nursing Students

To help out the nursing students, we are going to mention the best affordable laptops for nursing students, along with their features, so the students can get their hand on the best laptops to make their learning more advanced and easy.

For a nursing school, you require a good laptop to perform all your tasks such as lecturing taking downloads, or doing your home assignments. Laptops became an absolute necessity due to the pandemic because most of the schools shifted online platforms, and students had to take online classes. This situation is better than before, people still refrain from going on campus, and they prefer to take online classes.

If you are perplexed by multiple options provided by multiple providers, then it will be difficult for you to make the right choice. You no longer have to worry about what are the good options for the best affordable laptops for nursing students, because after doing research and reading the detailed review of existing users, we are going to recommend some of the best options that you have.

One thing that you must keep in your mind is that you will need a high-end laptop, on which you can perform all your work like your online classes your assignments, or your research. And to ensure that you can get the best laptop that will fill the requirements for the Nursing School, we will first describe to you that what are the minimum requirements for a good laptop.

Requirement of a good laptop for nursing students

If you are a fresher in a nursing school, you will need a lightweight laptop that weighs around 5 pounds, it should have an HD display, and a minimum processor equivalent to core i3. It should have 8GB RAM. To take online classes, your laptop should have a webcam and a microphone. If you are not happy with the webcam or the microphone that is included in your laptop, you do have the option to attach an external webcam and microphone.

If you have 8 GB RAM it is sufficient for all the tasks that you will need to do during your nursing school period. If you want to do multi-tasking, you can get a laptop that offers 16 GB RAM or 32 GB RAM.

Laptops that we recommend

To do your coursework and academic tasks more efficiently you will need a laptop that makes it easier for you. You will need a laptop to keep your record, make your schedules, to take notes from classes, it should have the memory to spot Health Care suite or other software. You should focus on a laptop with strong processors.

Our experts did their research and reading the reviews of nursing students who are already using laptops and are satisfied with the results, testing the authenticity of reviews, have curated a list of the best affordable laptops for nursing students.

ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

It is an ideal two in one laptop


  • Storage 32 GB
  • RAM 4GB
  • Operating System is Chrome OS
  • The display size is 12.5 inches LED
This is the two-in-one laptop that offers you multiple features. You can rotate the screen up to 360 degrees. As you want to use a laptop for your Nursing School, it should be lightweight and easy to carry around the best part is that it only weighs 2.6 pounds, which means you will not have to stress over a heavy laptop. The body of the laptop is made up of strong aluminum which makes it more long-lasting.

It has the Chrome operating system which is different from using a Windows operating system and Mac. You can watch high-quality videos because it offers is a 12.5-inch screen and a very high resolution of 1920 X 100 pixels. You can store a massive amount of files because it has 4GB RAM and you can easily multitask.

When we talk about battery life as a student, you want it to be higher and this laptop offers you a battery timing of 9 to 10 hours. You can easily spend the whole day at your school without worrying about the battery timing. It is one of the best laptops for nursing students because it offers a high-quality screen and processor.

Acer Swift 3

An ideal laptop that is packed with amazing features


  • 2GHZ CPU
  • RAM is 8GB
  • Battery life is 11.5 hours
  • Storage 512 GB
  • The display size is 14 inches
We will recommend this laptop, and it is a personal favorite as well. Acer Swift 3 is an ideal option for nursing students. It is affordable and it offers massive memory space for students so they can easily use it for their academic purposes.

It has an Octa-Core AMD Ryzen 7 4700U processor, that allows you to download and save multiple files. It offers a very vast memory of 8GB, it is the best laptop for nursing students because they can easily multitask. As far as the screen is concerned it has a 14-inch display and it easily sports HD videos.

It is sleek and very easy to carry because it only weighs about 2.65 pounds. It offers a USB type C, HDMI port, and USB charging option. If we talk about the battery timings and it offers a long-lasting battery of 11 hours which means it will support you throughout your day.

ASUS ZenBook 13

A sleek and stylish laptop with the best features


  • An ultra-slim laptop
  • It has a 13.3-inch large display with full HD
  • Windows 10 installation
  • The latest 10 generation model
  • 8GB RAM
  • Massive storage of 256GB
It is a very cost-effective option for nursing students, and it offers useful features. It is an ultraportable laptop, and it is very useful to carry around your school. As far as the processor is concerned it has an Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor that allows you to perform your day-to-day task very well.

It has a 13.3 inch full HD screen which means you can watch high-quality graphics and use it for your online classes. It is a very sleek design and it is easy to carry around because it weighs only around 2.45 pounds.

This is the best laptop for the battery timings because it offers you a battery life of 22 hours which means you can easily carry around a whole day without worrying about your battery timings.

HP Pavilion x360 14

One of the most favorite laptops of nursing students


  • A wide 14-inch display
  • Full HD screen
  • Stellar performance Intell 11th generation
  • Crystal Clear Screen
  • Huge storage of 512 GB
If you want a low-cost laptop then this will be an ideal option and it is the best affordable laptops for nursing students. It offers high-quality graphics due to Intel UHD graphics support. You can perform a wide range of multitasking without facing any issues with speed.

It has a massive memory of 512 GB and you can download directories or books for your school. As far as the screen is concerned it has a huge 13-inch display, and it allows you to watch all your videos in HD.

It offers you a long-lasting battery life of 10 hours and it has an extended battery backup as well. It has the best keyboard, so you can enjoy smooth typing as well.

Dell XPS 13 7390

Packed with amazing features and a beautiful outlook


  • It has a wide 13.3-inch display screen
  • It has inter Core i7 processor
  • It has a sleek design
  • It has 12 hours long battery life
It is one of the most productive notebooks that nursing students can have for their research, and it offers an amazing memory. It has a new Intel Core i7 processor that allows you to download your files in bulk. You can easily download medical software like Skyscape, Mendeley for journal engagement, and other software with the help of the 10th generation processor.

It has a 13.3-inch touch display which makes it easier to use. It is very easy to carry because it weighs only 2.93 pounds and it is like a notebook. If we talk about the battery, the battery that it provides lasts around 12 hours which means that you will not face any issues while you are at nursing school.

Summing It Up

It can be difficult to find out the best affordable laptops for nursing students, but we have made it easier for you by mentioning the best options that you have.

The laptop that we have mentioned are the best budget laptop for nursing students, and as a student, you want this option.


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