Guides the Best Laptops Under $500 US Dollars 2023

Best Laptops Under $500

Best Laptops Under $500Having a laptop is considered more practical than to have a set of desktop computer at home. This kind of portable PC technology is not only used by adult at work, but students as well from many different levels with different purpose even though, the main purpose of using laptop is for study needs. Since, laptop already becomes a must have device for certain group of people like workers and students, then having one is a must. And yes, in the way to satisfy anyone’s needs there are plenty choices when it comes to laptop whether it is for its brands, its sizes, its specs, and its prices also.

Speaking of laptop in the way to handle your daily task whether you are a professional or a student, then you can consider this budget laptop. Guess what? This typical mid-size laptop really is helpful to assist you when it comes to your daily tasks, more, there are plenty of extra features you need in one package. Furthermore, multi-tasking laptop is known for its affordability which somehow can reach any layer group of people who are in need of laptop for their daily task for whatever it is. Affordability speaking, then herein you may get some recommendations of this best laptops under 500 US dollars, that requires you only to pay for under $500.

The Best Budget Laptops Under $500 2021 – Top Rated


If you look for kind of best budget laptop that gives you two functions as laptop and tablet, ASUS TP500LA-EB31T is the best choice to consider. The hinge that is set to this laptop makes it is possible for this portable device by ASUS to be 360 degree flipped. Besides its two function, ASUS TP500LA-EB31T has some stunning features which well-describe its performance, speaking of which, this device has; 8.1 windows, built-in audio speaker with Sonic Master technology, HD screen 15.6″, fourth generation Intel core processor (i3 4030U), Flip feature that let the user to use this portable computer as laptop/tablet, instant on feature that let your laptop to “wake up” only in two seconds from its hibernation mode, accidental damage protection within one-year, 16GB web storage (free within one-year), and rotation touch screen.

If you think that those features are the only thing that you get from ASUS TP500LA-EB31T, guess what? There are still many extra features you possibly get from this particular laptop which costs you about $469.00. This one has sleek and premium design that makes you can bring along this laptop with confident anywhere you want. Then, for the touchscreen, once you try this one, you’ll find out that ASUS TP500LA-EB31T caters you with a superb responsive touchscreen that ease you to handle the laptop in its tablet mode. And the last but not least it is equipped with two USB ports that consist of USB 3.0 and USB 2.0.

Acer S3-391-6046

The Acer S3-391-6046 is another best budget laptop under 500 US dollars you need to consider when you look for some alternatives choices for typical laptop with affordable price, but still gives you top notch performance for daily laptop needs. Anyway, if you curious about what kind of things you may get from this kind portable device, then here you go; there is Intel core processor like i3 2367M that is inserted inside. Alongside the processor this one is also equipped with DDR3 4GB and HDD 320GB. For the it is display screen, this one has 13.3″ for its screen size meanwhile for the resolution Acer S3-391-6046 caters you with 1366×738.

Not to mention, but if you seek for kind of portable computer with all purpose feature that caters you with both affordable price and fast performance when you use it, then this one should be a typical laptop to consider. Furthermore, when you bring this portable device along, its weight will never disturb you, since amazingly, the S3-391-6046 is quite lightweight. Even though there is no touch screen option for this laptop, in fact, it won’t bother the easiness when the user uses it since it has both responsive and multi-touch track pad. Nevertheless, a laptop with all purpose features like this costs you about $438.65. The last but not least, windows 8 is something you may get as the platform for Acer S3-391-6046.

Dell Inspiron i5547-3750sLV

When you are in the way of looking for a reliable laptop under $500 for you or your family, take Dell Inspiron i5547-3750sLV onto the list is a good idea. Since, just like some top laptop you may know, this one also offers something that perhaps you look for. Speaking of which, before talking too much about the features that are giving to by this portable device, you need to know that to get this one at home, the price tag that is catered to you is about $497 each. Nevertheless, here are some features that empower the i5547-3750sLV in order to be such laptop that offers affordability but can’t be taken lightly.

For the processor, this Dell laptop gives you intel core i5 4210U (fourth generation intel core) which is equipped with turbobost which can reach more than 2.7GHz. Addition, you may also find something like DDR3 8GB alongside with Windows 8.1. Then, when it comes to the screen, the size is like 15.0″ which resolution is 1366×768 pixels. If you curious about the hard drive, this one caters you with 5400 rpm and 1000GB hard drive to rely on. Addition, if you a typical person who love to play game in your spare time, Dell Inspiron i5547-3750sLV even though it depends on typical game that you play, but this one is quite reliable.

HP 15-f111dx

Another laptop with all purpose features which you should consider is HP 15-f111dx, why? If you look for the reason behind, see the features that attach this portable computer, then you will figure out yourself the answer. For your information, if you have plans to purchase kind of laptop that has touchscreen feature in budget, this one is what you need. In fact, touch screen feature is not the only thing you get from HP 15-f111dx. As the heart of this laptop, it has AMD quad core processor (A8-6410). Yes, you may say first that nothing special about its processor, but with the addition of kind of technology like AMD Turbo Core, you must be not worried about its performance.

Another feature you may get from HP 15-f111dx is DDR3L SDRAM with 8GB that somehow can speed up its performance while you are doing office task or some. Furthermore, if you have kind of favorite applications that you store inside this laptop, guess what? You won’t meet something like your application fail to operate even the heavy one. However, for the operating system HP 15-f11dx is equipped with Windows 8.1 with 64-bit. Looking forward to have this one? To have a 15.6″ laptop with touchscreen feature like this one, you need only to pay about $459.88.

Dell Inspiron i3542-3335BK

Speaking of laptop with multi-function reason, then you may not skip Dell Inspiron i3542-3335BK. Even though, for its operating system this one still use Windows 7 and 64-bit, this one still is reliable enough when it comes to handle simple daily tasks like word processing and some. Nevertheless, for the processor, Dell Inspiron i3542-3335BK is planted with Intel Pentium (3558U) which is integrated with 500GB for Hard Drive memory and 4 GB for DDR3. Beside those features, there are still another things you should know about this laptop so then, you can think yourself whether this laptop is what you need or not among some choices of similar laptop types.

Have 15.6″ as display screen size is enough for you to enjoy your time while finishing your daily task with this portable device. The addition of SD Card reader, DVD drive, USB port, HD webcam and some more, of course, it brings another good point of view to consider when you look for kind of multi-function laptop with basic everyday tasks like entertainment, multimedia, school, and so on. Furthermore, for those who dislike about the fact that their laptop power house easily runs out, this laptop can be your consideration, since the battery can last approximately 6.5 hours. Lastly, for its price, it is about $449.99.

Samsung ATIV Book 5 NP540U4E-K04US

Thinking about another choice for good 400 to 500 US dollar laptop? Samsung ATIV Book 5 NP540U4E-K04US is another name you need to consider. Empowered with Intel core processor (i3 3217U with 1.8GHz) you will figure out that this portable device can run smoothly to execute your command. Then, with the addition of adequate storage like 5400 rpm Hard Drive with 500 GB together with Solid State Drive for 24 GB you may love the idea about having this laptop as your companion. In order to make you happier, Samsung ATIV Book 5 NP540U4E-K04US has Windows 8 for its operating system.

When it comes to its display screen, it will be 14.0″ which is perfect for those who yearn for kind of versatile portable computer below 15.0″. Not to mention, but Samsung ATIV Book NP540U4E-K04US is equipped also with HD graphic 4000 that caters excellence display performance. Nevertheless, if you want to know, you can use this multi-function laptop without connecting it with electricity source for about 4.8 hours. It means, this one is convenient enough when you bring it along on your business trip or some without hassle. Lastly, for you that interest with this laptop, then you need to know about its price. Speaking of which, it costs you $494.19.

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5142

If you are looking for the best affordable laptop for 15.6″ display screen with good performance, then this one is a good solution. Furthermore with a good price that is offered to you like $499.99, leads Toshiba Satellite C55-B51542 becomes an affordable multi-purpose laptop to die for. Having an i5 5200U Intel core processor, makes you believe that Toshiba Satellite C55-B5142 can do some multi-tasking job which help you much to finish your job faster. Besides having a reliable processor, this one also has more than enough memory storage to add up the comfortableness for any users that choose this versatile laptop as their companion.

Speaking of storage, you will discover that this one is planted with 8 GB for RAM and 1TB with 5400 rpm for Hard Drive. Even though this is not something like gaming laptop, however, since this one has HD graphics 5500 (Mobile Intel), then you effortlessly can enjoy your favorite game in your free time. Anyway, if you ask about the operating system that supports Toshiba Satellite C55-B5142, it is Windows 8.1 which makes you love this portable device even more.

Lenovo Yoga 2

The Lenovo Yoga 2, this multi-function laptop is a good choice when you look for in budget 2 in 1 laptop. Asking why? To have this kind of super cool multi-tasking laptop like Lenovo Yoga 2, you need only to spend about $462.00. So, what do you think? It is quite affordable, isn’t it? In fact, the good thing about Lenovo Yoga 2 is not merely from its price (of course!), it is also about any features that are installed. As the heart of Lenovo Yoga 2, there is Intel Pentium processor (N3520) with 2.17 GHz which speeds somehow can be added up to more than 2.42 GHz.

Nevertheless, if you yearn for High Definition quality for display screen, Lenovo Yoga 2 gives you what you need with its LED HD widescreen with 11.6″. Oh, in order to cater you with more easiness, its display screen is completed with multi-touch display (ten-point capacitive). Don’t forget to find out the amount of memory you may get from Lenovo Yoga 2. Guess what? Something like 500 GB for Hard Drive and 4 GB for DDR3L memory are enough to make you fall in love with Lenovo Yoga 2. Nevertheless, Lenovo Yoga 2 is quite lightweight and with its capability to be folded as tablet, for sure, its weight brings you comfort. Finally, for the better performance, for its operating system, Lenovo Yoga 2 is equipped with Windows 8.1.

HP Pavilion 17-f113dx

Say that you want to find typical not common versatile laptop that will never dig your wallet so deep, nothing else, but HP Pavilion 17-f113dx is what you need. It is not a secret that plenty of 15.6″ multi-purpose laptop caters its user with not enough display screen resolution. However, when it comes to HP Pavilion 17-f113dx, the story is different, then. It is because its delivers its user with 4400 Intel HD graphics which also gives you stunning gaming experience even though, it depends on kind of game that you play. Nevertheless, for the processor an i5 4210U Intel core processor with 2.70 GHz which means double performance for HP Pavilion 17-f113dx.

The other features you may get from HP Pavilion 17-f113dx which costs you $499.99 are sufficient storage to use like 750 GB for hard drive and 4 GB for DDR3L SDRAM, webcam (built-in), media card reader, Windows 8.1 as operating system, stylish design and many more. You know, HP Pavilion 17-f113dx surprisingly is light and thin enough. Another extra feature you also find from HP Pavilion 17-f113dx is its dual layer features for CD RW and DVD RW.

Lenovo G50

In order to find the best laptop between 400 to 500 US dollars, then you need to know plenty recommendation of certain names so that you can easily find what you need after comparing one and other good names of laptop that offers you with multi-function feature. Speaking of which, Lenovo G50 is another series of typical multi-tasking laptop by Lenovo to think about. Just like what is expected for fine quality laptop, this one has any necessary thing that you need. Let see its processor first, Lenovo G50 offers you with quad core processor like AMD A6-6310 with 2.4 GHz. In the way to bring good performance for any user who chooses Lenovo G50, its quad core processor is mated with AMD Radeon R4.

For its memory, they are; 1TB for Hard Drive and 8 GB for DDR3L memory. Yes, you can guess, with such memory, you can enjoy smooth performance anytime you use Lenovo G50. Nevertheless, to make Lenovo G50 more inviting as another list for reliable versatile portable computer to choose, this one has Bluetooth interface, Webcam with High Definition, and for its operating system, Lenovo G50 serves you with Windows 8.1. One more, in case you work in typical environment where light source is insufficient, Lenovo G50 has LED backlit to assist you.


You must admit that there is nothing like too good to be true when it comes to affordable multi-purpose laptop with top notch quality. And yes, some names that are mentioned above, actually, the real prove that you don’t need more than $500 to have such laptop with versatility that meets your satisfaction whether it is for school, business, word processing, entertainment or multimedia. Therefore, be sure to consider those names above when purchasing your preference good 400 to 500 US dollar laptops next time.

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