Laptop Buying Guide 2023 – How to Buy the Best Laptop?

Laptop Buying Guide 2022

Laptop Buying Guide 2022Here is laptop buying guide that you ought to consider before purchasing a laptop. Nowadays, laptop is no longer conventional like a few years ago. In the present era laptop has touch screen feature or a laptop that can be used as tablet and can be called a hybrid laptop. Do not just because of advertisement with tempting offering trap you to purchase a laptop that does not fit your needs and your financial circumstances. Previously, you also have to know the difference between Laptop, Notebook and Netbook. Laptops are larger in size when compared to notebooks and netbooks, usually the size of a laptop is 15 inches or more, it is also thicker and heavier because of its more features. While the notebook has middle size between a laptop and a netbook, the size is 11 to 12 inches. Netbook has the smallest size when compared to the two above, the size ranges from 9 to 10 inches. The feature was minimalist because usually a netbook just used to check email or browse the Internet.

You purchase a laptop for what?

First, determine the function of the laptop that you will purchase. It is whether the laptop will be used for certain purposes such as playing games, just typing, browsing the web, check email, or other activities.

Office Work / College Task – If you are an employee, businessmen or students who do more writing or files-editing, you need a laptop with performance that is not too heavy, but with the size that comfortable for your eyes. Laptop with 15 inch screen is the appropriate size for you.

Playing Game – Pay attention to GPU, GPU is the component that needs to get major attention. The graphics card is essential for processing 3D graphics in the game that you play. So, make sure you choose a laptop with the best GPU that you can get. Currently, there are only two well-known GPU manufacturer used for gaming, namely Nvidia and AMD. Laptops for gaming should have higher specifications than the laptop just for typing. i7 processors or AMD E series, as well as large memory is the main requirement.

Laptop Specifications


When choosing a laptop make sure you are put more priority on the processor than the graphics card. Most people prefer a good graphics card performance but not balanced with a good processor, too. It should be noted that the role of the processor cannot be underestimated, because with the more games or applications would perform a variety of complex calculations on the processor. If you have a budget above $500, at least you should choose an Intel Core i5 CPU or AMD E Series, which is able to increase the clock speed dynamically when you need more performance. Besides, with many cores on the processor can ease the rendering process performed by the graphics card.


In terms of memory or RAM, currently the cheapest laptop has 4 GB RAM. And if you can afford to buy a laptop with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM, you will be better prepared for high-end applications. The greater capacity of RAM that a laptop has is the more smoothly its multitasking process. Since the average of a heavy application or game is now further optimize its RAM capacity rather than the clock speed of RAM.

Hard Drive or Solid State Drives (SSD)

For most people, a fast hard drive is more important than having a large capacity. If you have a choice, then I suggest choosing 7,200 rpm hard drive. In term of storage capacity tries to select the 500 GB ones. For SSD usually cost more expensive than the traditional hard drive and comes with smaller capacity when compared to hard drives, commonly the capacity is 128GB to 256GB. Indeed, when using SSD booting time become faster as well when opening an application that is also very fast. If you have more budgets, there is no harm upgrading it to become bigger, upgrade the hard disk is not only to increase the storage capacity, but also increases the performance of the laptop.


Another thing you need to consider in purchasing a laptop is connecting devices. Make sure the laptop at least has USB ports, HDMI port, LAN and Wi-Fi.


It is not easy for you to complete your tasks outdoor by always connect the laptop to an electricity power that is in the vicinity. Try to look for a laptop with durability approximately 5 hours. One laptop that can be relied upon in terms of durability is the MacBook Air that can last for approximately 11 hours.

Select the appropriate screen size

Before you decide to purchase a laptop or notebook, then you need to determine the right size for you. Choose the wrong screen size will make you uncomfortable when using it, consider these following tips.

11-12 inches: the thinnest and lightest laptop has a size about 11 to 12 inches and usually has a weight of 1 to 1.5 kilograms. However, on this size, screen and keyboard will be a little too narrow for some users. If your activities are moving a lot while using the laptop, the small screen between 11-12 inches is the right choice.

13-14 inches: The screen size which is convenient to use in all activities. Provide the best balance of portability and usability. Laptops with 13 or 14 inches usually has a light weight and very suitable to be in the lap.

15 inches: The most popular size, choice of screen that considered as suitable to be used to play games, edit video or photos, and surely this size is more severe than the previous size.

17-18 inches: If the laptop constantly at your desk all day every day, then the laptop with a size of 17-18 inches will certainly suit your needs. Because of their thickness, the size of the laptop is able to pack a quad-core CPU, great graphics chip and some storage spaces that is also great. But if carried away the laptop is extremely heavy and less comfortable.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Because typing is the main activity when using a laptop the design of keyboard determine your convenience when typing on it. See how big the size of your fingers and also how far the distances between the keys of keyboard on a laptop that you will purchase. Try to keep your fingers on the keyboard such as when you are typing a text. You should be able to adjust all of this according to your needs and comfort.

Hybrid or Conventional

Since the launch of Windows 8 operating system, many laptops with hybrid designs popping and double function as a tablet. If you want to purchase a laptop and a tablet, the hybrid laptop can be an alternative. The downside of hybrid laptop is the size of its keyboard is usually smaller than conventional laptops. But if you just need a laptop, then you should choose a traditional laptop.

Brand and Operating System

Choose a brand that is known for its operation and performance. Search input from several forums that are scattered on the Internet. Ask also friends or colleagues who have used a particular brand of laptop. The operating system determines the convenience when you are using a laptop. Besides, speed of a laptop is also determined by the OS being used.


Purchasing a laptop can be a mistake if we did not notice it carefully. As like as any other electronic devices, many laptops put in circulation each month with various prices and various specifications also. Through this laptop purchasing tips, you will get description to choose a laptop that fits your needs and budget that you have. Do not carelessly purchase a laptop, because this device will be used in a long time and you will regret it later.

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